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Paper Photo Holder

  • Cardboard Photo Frame
Cardboard Photo Frame

Cardboard Photo Frame

  • Material: Paper cardboard
  • Color: Most color available
  • Size: 4x6,5x7,8x10,8x12,10x10,12x12
  • The logo is available
  • Product description: Cardboard Photo Frame Holder with Foil Logo,it can hold 4x6,5x7,8x10,8x12,10x10 and 12x12 photo,if need,the nice box is available;
The Cardboard Photo Frame Holder with Foil Logo is for wedding studio;

Item: Paper Photo Folio Holder
A. Model: PGP-4BA
B. Material: it's made of kraft,white kraft and black cardboard,the box for those photo folios is available;
D. Capacity: it can hold 4x6,5x7,8x10,8x12,10x10 and 12x12 photo;

E. Color: White and black,other color is available

1. Black Foil:

4x6 5x7 6x8 wedding albums for photographer

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Special Leather Linen Paper Photo Frame Folder Holder Folio

2. Silver Foil:

4x6 white horizontal paper photo folder

mat board photo folders paper photo folders

Wall decoration plastic document frame magnetic photo pocket office stationary paper file holder

3. Gold Foil:

custom made wholesale mat board portrait stand paper photo folder

8x10 white paper photo folder

Folder photo 4r photo album Professional 8x10 Slip-in Wedding

The luxury photo box for those photo folio is available:

DIY coloring paper photo folders

Hot Sale Creative Promotional Invitation Lcd Video Card Folder


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