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WUB-1 Series

  • Glass Metal USB Gift Box
Glass Metal USB Gift Box

Glass Metal USB Gift Box

  • Size: 55x95x95mm
  • Weight: 0.28KG
  • The inside can be customized
  • Buckle closure
  • Product description: This velvet USB flash pen drive packaging gift case is used for the business and wedding video for photographers,birthday and commemorative activity,etc;
glass heart shape USB flash drive gift case

Item: Glass Metal USB Gift Box
A. Model: WUB-1GA
B. Material: It's made of glass and metal;
C. Closure Style: Buckle closure
D. Capacity: It hold 1 USB flash drive;
E. You can custom the inside,for example,with USB slot,or elastic,or fill with raffia,
F. The size is 55x95x95mm
G. This USB box doesn't include the USB,but we can offer the USB flash drive;
I. Package: Foam,PP bag,carton

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