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Transparent Adhesive Tape

  • Super Transparent Tape
Super Transparent Tape

Super Transparent Tape

  • Type: Transparent Tape
  • Roll Size: 25
  • Strong tape
  • Super Transparent
  • Product description: Super Transparent Double-sided Adhesive Tape


A. Item: Super Double-sided Transparent Tape
B. Material: The inter layer (the middle of cold laminating film) is high transparent PVC film with sticky glue on double sides,then two sides are covered transparent plastic film;
C. The high transparent double-sided adhesive tape has strong viscous force and good endurance features;
D. This product is widely used in advertising box,crystal painting,Special-changing 3D material,glass door,badge making and so on.
E. Roll Size: 25"/50"
H. Width: 25''
I. Length: 30 Meter
J. Package: PP Bag,carton


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