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WCD-4 Series

  • Linen DVD Photo Case
Linen DVD Photo Case

Linen DVD Photo Case

  • Linen,Cotton,Velvet,Leathette Paper
  • Logo is acceptable
  • Most color available
  • OEM and ODM is available
  • Product description: Linen DVD Photo Case hold one DVD and one photo,you can custom this model,different logo is available;
Linen DVD Photo Case is for wedding studio;

Item: Linen DVD Photo Case
A. Model: WCD-4FSP
B. Material: Linen/cotton and other fabric,you can see the Linen Swatches,Cotton Swatches;
C. Capacity: The inside hold one DVD and one 5X7 photo
D. Package: PP Bag->Master Carton


A. Most of color is available
B. The DVD case can be printed your LOGO,you can see the Logo Style;
C. Any design to this kind of DVD is acceptable

We accept OEM and ODM, welcome your private design, we will offer our best price and counter sample to for your approval within the shortest time.

Linen DVD Photo Case


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