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Sample Swatch Book

  • Linen Sample Book Cover
Linen Sample Book Cover

Linen Sample Book Cover

  • Material: Linen
  • Size: Custom Size
  • Color: Most color available
  • Logo: Acceptable
  • Product description: this linen sample book cover can be customized color,size and material,it can hold fabric,paper and other material,the metal corner can protect the book cover


Linen sample swatch book cover with hanging in customized size;
Item: Linen Swatch Book Cover
A. Model: SSB-1QN;
B. Material: Linen,you can see the Linen Swatches and Cotton Swatches to choose the material;
C. Size: 5.3x18.5x30cm,the custom size is acceptable;
D. Color: Most color is available;
E. Binding Way: Melt adhesive;
F. Logo: Logo: Screen-printing logo,gliding logo,embossed logo and nameplate logo is available,you can see the Logo Style;
G. Package: KK Carton

How to order the Linen Swatch Book Cover,please see the FAQ.


Contact: Sam Qu

Phone: 008675586211810

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