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Paper Photo Holder

  • Slip-in Cardboard Photo Mats
Slip-in Cardboard Photo Mats

Slip-in Cardboard Photo Mats

  • Material: Paper cardboard
  • Color: Black and white
  • Size: 4x6,5x7,8x10,8x12,10x10,12x12
  • Beveled edge opening
  • Product description: This photo holder is made of cardboard,the window in photo frame is bevel,it can hold 4x6,5x7,8x10,8x12,10x10 and 12x12 photo,if need,the nice box is available
Slip-in Cardboard Photo Mats is for wedding studio;

Item: Slip-in Cardboard Photo Mats
A. Model: PGP-4AG
B. Material: Cardboard
D. Capacity: it can hold 4x6,5x7,8x10,8x12,10x10 and 12x12 photo;

E. Color: White,black and cream,other color is available

F. Around the window of mat,there is a groove around the opening;

G. The mat is made with two layers,the thickness of the bottom layer is 1mm,the top layer is 1.5mm,so the total thickness of mat is 2.5mm

H. If need,each mat can be with a clear plastic bag;

If need,the cloth packaging box is available like below:


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