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PVC Album Pages

  • PVC Photo Album Pages
  • PVC Photo Album Pages
PVC Photo Album PagesPVC Photo Album Pages

PVC Photo Album Pages

  • Size: Most of size available
  • Color: White,black,red,yellow and blue
  • Thickness:0.5-1mm
  • The double sides is covered glue
  • Product description: This product is widedly used in all kind of photo album sheet,especial for the pages of wedding album,the double sides is covered with glue,you can stick your photo by yourself,most of size is availab
Double Sides Self-adhesive PVC Sheet

A. Item: Double side self-adhesive PVC for photo album
B. It's very harder and tougher because of the pure raw material,so it's anti-crush,anti-bend,anti-twist;
C. Fade-proof,no leafing with time;
D. The glue is strong stickness and adhesion.
E. All the PVC is easy to rebuild,this is to say that you can tear off the photo,then stick again.
F. The double side is covered glue, you can stick your picture onto the surface after tearing off the peel.
G. 0.5-1.0MM PVC is available;
H. White and black PVC are available
I. Most of size for album is available
J. Package: Bag/Paper Box;


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