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WUB-6 Series

  • Wood USB Packaging Box
  • Wood USB Packaging Box
Wood USB Packaging BoxWood USB Packaging Box

Wood USB Packaging Box

  • Material: Wood
  • Closure Style:Drawer Closure
  • Most size is available
  • Logo is available
  • Product description: This wood USB Gift Box is used for the business and wedding video for photographers,birthday and commemorative activity,etc

Item: Wood USB Packaging Box
A. Model: WUB-6WU
B. Material: The material can be pine,walnut,maple and other timber;
C. Closure Style: Drawer style closure
D. Capacity: Plain cover,the cover can print your logo;
E. It can hold one USB flash drive;
F. The laser and creen-printing logo is available;
G. This USB box doesn't include the USB,but we can offer the USB flash drive;

H. Package: Master Carton

walnet wood usb stick box


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